~ Kyle ~
CH Mad About You de Ria Vela

winning the CC and Best Dog under Mrs Heather Morss at Crufts 2013,
the world's most prestigous dog show!

Photo: Leandro Customero

It all began in July 2012, when our girl Donna, CH Dewmist Serendipity came into season. We were planning to mate her to Kyle, and we agreed with his owners, Antonio Lopez and Paloma Gusso, that he would come to us in Sweden and spend a few months with us here. We can't express how greatful we are to them for trusting us with him. I went down to Malaga, on my own, rented a car and drove up to Córdoba and collected him. I was an eventful trip as the GPS broke down half way to Paloma and Antonio's house, and only Paloma's mother was at home and she speaks almost no English! I had to brush up on my Spanish quite quickly!

On the road to Córdoba

Kyle arrived safely to our house, jumped out of the car and met the gang, always with a wagging tail.
He has an outstanding temperament, after travelling a lot and living with him, I have to say his character is fantastic.

Kyle's first day in Sweden, making himself at home

His favorite occupation - swimming!

While waiting for our litter from Donna and Kyle, I took him and two of our girls
on a little vacation to our summer house on Öland.
I think we all had a lovely time!

Kyle with our Prima and Kylie.

My best friend Ulrika Zetterfeldt getting some gorgeous photos of Kyle!

During his stay with us we showed him in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
He won Best Of Breed in all three countries and thereby became Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Nordic champion
and also managed to win two winner titles; Norwegian and Nordic Winner-2012.

After spending a little longer time with us than planned, I returned Kyle back to Spain in January.
Paloma and Antonio's kindness and hospitality knew no limits, and even though it broke my heart to leave Kyle,
I knew I would see him again at Crufts a couple of months later. "By the way" said Paloma, "maybe
you could handle him at Crufts, since we have three dogs entered in Open class?"
Well, you could say that was a little dream of mine coming true!!

Crufts - 9th of March 2013

Finally the weekend was here, the one we look forward to all year. Our whole team from Sweden travelled together
like we always do. Even though we had already decided that I would handle Kyle, I didn't want to expect too much.
Goldens were judged on Saturday by Mrs Heather Morss (dogs) and Mr Bob Sillence (bitches), and I met up with Antonio and Paloma,
and dear Kyle of course. It sure was great to see him again, and he think he felt the same way, we were both quite excited to enter the ring.
I must say, since the first time I was at Crufts in 2005 to compete in Junior handling, I've dreamt of being on that green carpet in the
actual breed ring. Having said that, I still knew that Crufts is Crufts, the quality and the competition is so very high, so of course
I didn't expect anything. I was just happy to show I dog I really love, under a judge I respect. I think because I didn't expect anything,
I wasn't nervous at all, me and Kyle just a had a good time in the ring, enjoying each other's company.
23 dogs were entered in the Open Dog class and 17 of them were shown. There were champions from
all parts of Europe and UK, and a lovely class to watch.

Kyle showed beautifully, I could not have asked more of him.

Kyle in front of the judge in Open class.
No need to say, the atmosphere around the ring when this class entered was just incredible.

Focused handlers!

Kyle just as he is - not too bothered by the whole show, he just likes being himself!

Always charming people around him!

Just after being awarded the first place in Open class
Photo: Henk Bating

After a long class, Mrs Morss shortlisted 8 dogs, and I was just happy that Kyle was one of them.
She looked carefully at all uf us again and took us round. Mrs Morss walked towards me and I thought she would look at Kyle's head and expression again, but all she said was: "It's yours!"
I can't describe the feeling, it was just amazing.......

After a little while it was time for the competition for best dog. Kyle showed like never before, and it was a great feeling to be there.
No matter what would happen next, I was so pleased with how far we had come that day.
When Mrs Morss then took the rosette and walked towards me and Kyle, I thought my heart would burst!

I don't think I have to describe Paloma and Antonio's reaction when we came out of the ring.....!

Taking a lap of honor after being awarded the CC and best dog

Kyle moving in the competition for Best Of Breed
Photo: Maria Saarniit

In competition for Best Of Breed
CH Mad About You de Ria Vela & Sh Ch Siatham Calamity Jane SH CM

Photo: Barbara Pietak

Thanks to all friends at Crufts and around the world for supporting and cheering us on.
Thanks for all messages, phone calls and comments, it really means a lot.
And of course, a million thanks to Paloma and Antonio for letting me handle Kyle, it will be a memory for life!


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