My interest in Golden retrievers started early in the 1960s, when I often took care of a beautiful dog from kennel Sandemar. In 1968 I got my first golden male, Molstabergs Truls, bred by Jan Åkerman, kennel Molstaberg. Truls had a lovely personality. He had some success in the show ring but enjoyed life most running loose in the fields on the island Öland, outside Sweden. After Truls, I had a few goldens in the 70s. 1972 I had a another male, April-Joke (Apports Larry II-Apports Jolie) and 1973 I got Cockyolly Choice (INTUCH NORDUCH SJCH Coxy-Apports Jolie) from whom I had my first litter by Deremar Donald. 1974 I had a bitch imported from England, Tyereper Arlon (Sansue Camrose Phoenix-Gyrima Delight Of Tyereper). She was mated to Deremar Donald and was the mother of Karin Eriksson's, kennel Knegaren, beautiful bitch NUCH Fanny.

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Molstabergs Truls
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(Apports Andrew - Molstabergs Jessie)
In the beginning of the 1990s Twinkle Pearls N' Diamonds came to us and had a litter 1994 by INTUCH NORDUCH Mjaerumhögda's Classic Sound.
Shortly after Friendship Mathilda joined us. Mathilda was the most lovely bitch, both in the show ring and as a mother to her puppies. She had 3 litters and we still have her lovely daughter Heatwave May Flower with us, now 11 years old.

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Twinkle Pearls N' Diamonds
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(Stenbury Waterwingon - Twinkle Diamond Eclipse)

In 2004 our breeding got a new start when we had the beautiful bitch CH Dewmist Sunsprite, from Henric Fryckstrand, who was a birtday gift to my daughter Fanny. She was followed by Dewmist Serendipity and Dewmist Sweet Charity who we have high hopes for in the future
Combine Hit Or Miss from Lena Widebeck also joined us in 2003.

Longhaired dachshunds have been in our home for my whole life. Our very first was born 1956 when I was 4 years old. In 1999, we got CH Örnbergets Bianca from my sister Elisabeth Rhodin. Bianca is the brood bitch of all of our dachshunds.

Friendship Mathilda
(Perrimay Hector - Goldsands My Dream)

In 2007, my daughter Fanny joined kennel Heatwave as a breeder.

//Helena Hellström