born 11th of May 1997
Excellent Hips, elbows & eyes clear

It is with great sadness we write that our Scilla passed away on Monday, January 19.
Thank you Scilla for the lovely dog that you were, an honour to have lived with, all the wonderful moments you gave us and all the memories we have!

We have made a gallery with a few of the memorable times with Scilla.

Scilla was our wonderful girl 1997 - 2009. She really enriched our lives
and will be remembered and loved forever.



NUCH Stenbury Sea Chieftain

INT NORDUCH Mjaerumhögdas Classic Sound

FINUCH Noravon Cornelius

NORDUCH Gitles Natascha

NUCH Perrimay Fadilla

GBSHCH Stirchley Saxon

Perrimay Sea Fantasy

Friendship Mathilda

Perrimay Hector

GBSHCH Stirchley Saxon

Perrimay Sea Harp

Goldsands My Dream

Goldstep Jack A Dandy

Daintys Your Dream