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One of our Heatwave-puppies, April 2012

Puppy meetings

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All our puppy buyers are welcome!

Buying a puppy from kennel Heatwave

The pups are born and raised in the house with us and can leave us at 8 week of age.

When the puppy is ready to move, he or she is:
» Registered in the Swedish kennel club
» Microchipped as ID
» Checked by our veterinarian within 7 days
» Vaccinated according to current practice
» Regularly dewormed
» Sold with the Swedish kennel club's contract of sale
» Insured with Agria

Along with the puppy comes:
» Information about care, food, etc
» DVD-film and info from the Swedish kennel club
» Puppy start kit from FOUR FRIENDS with the food we use
» Toys and treats

Our puppy buyers are always welcome to contact us, whether it's concerning problem solving or just good news. We value a good relationship with every new family that comes to us and want to stay in touch to follow our pups through their lives.


We feed our puppies and adults with Four Friends and highly recommend this to our friends and puppy buyers.
Food of good value that the dogs love and that keeps coat and stomach in great condition!

Click to read more about Four Friends!

One of our dachshund litters, April 2012
Photo: Åsa Lindholm